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The United States Military Training Corps (USMTC) was formed for the specific  purpose of providing the highest quality operators specializing in Emergency  Services, Full Spectrum Threat Response, Strategic Operations, and Humanitarian  Aid. The founders wanted USMTC to be able to respond efficiently and effectively  during crisis. USMTC was established for:   1. Training young Americans so that they can endure and thrive on the physical  and mental conditioning they will encounter in the Armed Forces.  The  USMTC believes in producing quality, not quantity with it's training.  The  Recruit's present scholastic achievement is an area where the USMTC will  place great support.  The Recruit will be required to meet a State  standardized level of achievement that will be placed on improving the  individual. 2. Helping America's military in its fight for qualified recruits. The result is  America's demand for new recruits into the Armed Forces are provided by  pre-trained recruits that have been put through rigorous training as  expeditiously and as realistically possible. 3. Providing individuals with techniques to develop his or her own potential and  to insure success through desire and teamwork. 4. Subjecting new recruits with a very rigorous training stimuli. They will learn  Discipline, Customs and Courtesies of all branches of the Service. As well,  the recruits will also go through training in specific areas of Search and  Rescue; aspects of Homeland Security; EMT training; Traffic Control; Area  Confinement; Area Evacuatio; Counter Drug and Counter Intelligence  Training. 5. Providing fully qualified and immediately ready Responders.  We expect our recruits to be prepared for whichever branch of service in which they  wish to make a career. Through this training they can expect a brotherhood to be  born. Not just for a single branch of service, but as an absolute military force.  Recruits who will go through this training will be able to go into their respective  branches knowing that they have a brother in another branch of service. This will  bring comradery between sister services, resulting in a unique bond that has rarely  been put into practice. Those who are looking into a career in Special Operations  will learn what will be expected of them if they desire to proceed with a future in  Special Operations.
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