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Military Training Services

USMTC, is a multi-faceted, full-spectrum, protective services provider and Private Military  Company (PMC), providing a full compliment of protection and special security services for both  our government and corporate clients around the world.  In addition to our standard services,  USMTC also provides a host of specialized bespoke services that can be tailored to meet the  individual requirements of our clients. Through the utilization of our vast network of industry  associates, we also offer special training packages for both government, military, and corporate  clients.
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Government agencies, corporations and non- 

governmental organizations alike rely on USMTC to 

protect their personnel, sustain business continuity 

and enhance growth. We deliver integrated security 

solutions designed to help organizations operate 

safely and efficiently in challenging environments 

around the world. United States Military Training 

Corps (USMTC) is composed of Professional 

Operators Working in the Security Sector, 

Executive Protection, High Risk Civilian Contractor 

& High Risk Security Operator, Tactical Medic, 

PSD, Disaster Officer, Law Enforcement, Private 

Military Professionals and Community Outreach 

Volunteers through our Cadet and Troop Transition 


Our agents come from all walks of life: military, law 

enforcement, medical backgrounds, civilians... all 

with one thing in common: they are trained to the 

highest possible standards through the top schools 

in the world.