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"Training the Future Leaders of America Today." Tragic world events have alerted and enlightened Americans to the fact that a greater emphasis needs to be placed on quickly  responding to different threats and disasters. The United States Military Training Corps (USMTC) provides local and  government agencies with a substantial number of qualified and certified expediters who can respond quickly and proficiently, in  a moments notice. USMTC has grown into a versatile component, which is able to handle the most complex tasks; which  makes the USMTC a great asset to local communities and the nation. USMTC is able to mobilize its immediate Emergency,  Threat, and Disaster Response Teams at a moments notice. These teams can operate in the most austere conditions, taking  control of any situation efficiently and effectively. The USMTC is made up of professionals (Corpsmen) who pride themselves as  being the very best in their fields. The diversity of the USMTC is what makes it a unique asset; men, women, and young adults  work together as one cohesive unit. The USMTC lives by a single motto; “We Bust Ours…To Save Yours”.  The USMTC instills a sense of patriotism, pride, honor, loyalty, respect, fortitude, integrity, and discipline in every Corpsman.  These values are the moral fibers that have made America the great nation it is known as today. Values that have been lost with  American culture, this is why the USMTC puts a strong emphasis on them.  The USMTC also puts a strong emphasis on  healthy living styles, to promote physical and mental preparation. The USMTC is an organization that builds discipline, maturity,  and confidence; encouraging the Corpsmen to maintain a high standard of physical and mental fitness. USMTC is dedicated to  providing valuable skills and training, which the Corpsmen can carry with them throughout their lives.  USMTC serves many purposes and accomplishes vast missions: the USMTC operates as an expediter to many local and  government agencies; provides assistance for local and government agencies in Emergency Services, Training and  Development, and Homeland Security. USMTC provides such services as; Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, Counter  Narcotics, Private Security, Private Investigations, Executive Protection, and Advanced Skills Training. The Corpsmen receive  specialized training so they can actively assist in just about any scenario.  Through USMTC, Corpsmen acquire many skills; the Corpsmen will be introduced to Drill and Ceremonies, Customs and  Courtesies, Rank Structure, and Military Tactics, Theories and Techniques (MT3). The Corpsmen will also learn Self Defense,  Emergency Medicine, First Aid, CPR/AED, and a trade of their choice. While the Recruit develops into a Corpsman he/she will  be immersed in abundance of disciplines; during training the Corpsmen will not only learn but be able to apply knowledge in  Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Science, and English that coincide with each discipline. The Corpsmen must be able to  show competency in the barrage of disciplines in order to advance in the program.  USMTC prepares its Corpsmen to be successful in life; the skills one acquires in USMTC will  be beneficial to any employer, making USMTC Corpsmen more marketable in such a  competitive world. USMTC is a demanding program; both physically and mentally. Corpsmen in  the USMTC believe a person can achieve anything, as long as their heart and mind are in it.  The men, women, and young adults who make up the United States Military Training Corps,  truly are a cut above the rest. 
“I Do Not Go Where The Path Leads, Instead I Create My Own Path… And Leave A Trail”