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Recruit Depot

Cadet Program - Ages 13+

USMTC prepares you for a career in the Military by providing you with a head start. It provides this head start by teaching you many of the skills you will need and ensuring you have the physical fitness required to make it through the basic training of the United States Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. The United States Military Training Corps is not just dedicated to one service, so you get the full spectrum, allowing you to make a better decision on which branch to join.

What if I am not planning on joining the


USMTC can help there as well. USMTC provides its members with many opportunities for community service, provides options for Senior Projects, ensures its members pass all state and federal tests, such as the Washington EALR/GLE Tests for example, and most importantly, USMTC provides the assistance to keep you in school with good grades, which allows you a better chance in the future.

Training Programs

USMTC Corpsmen will be trained in the following disciplines:     Communications     CPR/AED     Emergency Medicine     Emergency Response     Fast Roping     First Aid     Land Navigation     Martial Arts     Military Customs and Courtesies     Military Drill and Ceremonies     Military Rank Structure     Military Tactics Theories and Techniques (MT3)     Repelling     SCUBA Diving     Search and Rescue     Sky Diving     Survival
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