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Rapid Response

Special Ops

Complete Training Programs

USMTC provides training and services in rapid  response capabilities utilizing disciplines in air,  mountain, desert, arctic, urban, jungle and water,  emergency services day or night. Our Special Ops  teams provide armed escorts for private cargo ships  through pirate infested waters, hold off militant  groups attacking oil refineries in hostile countries,  transport high profile shipments through insurgent  filled lands, protect private and state personnel while  on mission in war zones, and even recapture stolen  property and overrun facilities.  No matter what the situation....USMTC answers the  call and delivers success.

Pre-Adult Training

Developing Your Personal Abilities

Specialized Areas of Proficiency

Our mission is to help people between the ages of  12 and 18 develop both personally and physically by  providing a large range of fun, exciting, challenging  and adventurous opportunities. Our training  instructors are former special operations veterans or  recognized experts from federal or local law  enforcement agencies. Communications  Military Tactics Military Customs and Courtesies  CPR and Emergency Medical  Respect for Authority Veterans of USMTC include senior military officers,  public officials and business leaders. All members of  the USMTC, past and present, have the common  bond of pride in their country and a strong belief in  its founding principles.
“USMTC was a  valuable tool when  it was time to leave  the service”  Amy Jones, SSG  8 years US ARMY READ More...