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Transition Assistance Program


Do you need help?

The transition from military to civilian life can often be challenging and difficult.  Therefore a quality program should include assessing and evaluating your options for future success, but keep in mind that success often depends on having the right education or training credentials. It is important that you have assistance to evaluate your education status and options; the best time to start is now.

What you can do...

Today the TAP program is evolving from an end-of-service activity to a full lifecycle model. By using a lifecycle methodology we can provide a continuum of career, financial, educational, and personal development techniques and strategies throughout the course of a military career before it even starts. This is the benefit for those that graduated through the USMTC program. USMTC can get you looking at this evolution as it encourages and enables you to compare your military skills and training to related civilian skills or qualifications throughout your military service, not only just at the departure point of service when it may be too late to incorporate improvement strategies.

At the end...

Our goal is for this TAP evolution to make this transition become a well-planned, organized, and thoughtful progression that empowers Service members to make informed career decisions, be competitive in a global work force, and become positive contributors to their communities
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