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Emergency Services Corps

Emergency Services Corps provides rapid Emergency Medical Response  of critical emergencies in the most austere environments; by allowing  immediate access of specialized operators to aid the injured, sick, and  weary when volatile conditions preclude a timely conventional response.  Catastrophic disasters have brought attention to the fact that greater  emphasis needs to be placed on quickly responding to a number of  different threats and disasters. By providing specialized operators to  assist local, state, and government agencies respond quickly and  efficiently, at a moment's notice.  Dedicated to saving lives Emergency Services Corps operators receive  rigorous training in Search and Rescue techniques, Disaster Relief and  preparedness, and Humanitarian Aid. We strive to provide the highest  quality operators specializing in Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, and  Humanitarian Aid. Providing strategic direction and education to enhance  the public’s awareness and capacity to mitigate disaster, pandemics, help reduce vulnerability to critical hazards, and disaster preparation. 
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